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How to improve your project margins in the energy industry?

Project-based services companies do all types of project related work such as inspection, testing, installation, modifications, maintenance or even decommissioning…

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First Royal IHC site live with IFS Applications

Those of you who read my June blog post know that, in late 2013, Dutch maritime specialist Royal IHC embarked…

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Mobility and the offshore market – how important is it?

Office workers, engineers, managers – even CEOs – have all now forgotten what the world looked like before the smartphone…

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BW Offshore: IFS from Oslo to the oceans

The company that is now BW Offshore has been using IFS since 2004 to manage its offshore work. Here’s what it’s learnt over nearly a decade.

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Odfjell: Drilling for Growth in the Ocean

Odfjell CIO Tor Tjeldnes explains how they’re using IFS to manage and operate in often isolated sea rigs, as their drilling company grows rapidly

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