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Those of you who read my June blog post know that, in late 2013, Dutch maritime specialist Royal IHC embarked on an ambitious plan to implement a single ERP solution world-wide (37 units) in only 2,5 years. As a sequel to that post, I am very pleased to be able to announce the successful deployment of IFS Applications at the first operating unit of Royal IHC.

The unit now live with IFS Applications is IHC Vremac, an operating unit focused on designing and producing hydraulic cylinders for dredging and offshore use. The IFS solution supports mission-critical processes such as purchasing, logistics, production, finance, and sales. Following the deployment of the underlying infrastructure, IHC Vremac’s implementation will provide a best-practice template for the group’s remaining branches.

As I wrote in my previous blog post, Royal IHC (formerly IHC Merwede) chose IFS Applications as the basis for One IHC, a company-wide efficiency program aiming at consolidating its global business processes. The company chose IFS in late 2013 following an extensive selection process that involved several major ERP vendors.

Deployed as its central ERP system, IFS Applications will support the company’s essential strategic goals, including collaboration, globalization, and growth. When fully implemented, IFS Applications will replace a large number of different IT systems, ensuring benefits such as flexibility, transparency, and uniformity in the company’s information management.

Commenting on the go live, Royal IHC CFO Dave Vander Heyde said, “The deployment at IHC Vremac is an important first step in an extensive project aimed at creating a single, core ERP system that will support our global operations. We will continue to work proactively to reach the goals formulated in our ONE IHC program, which is expected to be completed in 2017.”

See Dave Vander Heyde’s story; and download the text case study (PDF).

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