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Office workers, engineers, managers – even CEOs – have all now forgotten what the world looked like before the smartphone or the tablet.

Being available 24/7 is sometimes no joke at all, but the freedom it gives us more than compensates for the extra hassle.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finish off your work when you are idle and waiting for your kids to finish soccer training? Or, like my very good friend who was on an urgent weekend conference call with his engineering team in Aberdeen while he was on a sledge with his daughter – and his phone on mute while racing down the hill…

Mobility opens up endless opportunities, and used intelligently and creatively will benefit your work as much as your personal life.

This extra level of personal freedom is one of the most apparent advantages of workplace mobility.

Still, when you add it all up, having the correct information updated and available at all times may be an even bigger productivity boost for your company. It doesn’t really matter; it’s already there as a utility and the boundaries between work/life and your free time are erased just as much as the physical boundaries of your office.

These are all examples of the benefits encountered by what we at IFS call the “casual user.”

Now, the interesting part is when you move the factory – or the production line – to mobile. What happens when you move the maintenance engineer or the warehouse information to a mobile device?

You can get a very good sense of what happens in this video presentation from two of IFS’s most experienced consultants showcasing mobility for the offshore market.

Be inspired to take your mobility to the next level!

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