Coffee Break with AI

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Coffee Break with AI is brought to you by Martijn Loos and Elisio Quintino. We believe that the value of a technology should be measured by how it improves people’s lives. Although this may be cliché, it’s nonetheless important to us. Of course, technology for technology’s sake can be amusing to study and play with, but…

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Artificial intelligence: defining and explaining AI-related terminology

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Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science and advanced analytics are just some of the terms that are used a lot, often mixed up and randomly related to each other. Without trying to take you through a six-week term at your local university, we’ll try to explain some of these terms and more importantly, establish…

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Trois activités d’entreprise où l’intelligence artificielle présente déjà un réel impact sur la productivité

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In my previous blog, “Are chimpanzees more intelligent than computers?,” I established some thoughts about what it all means, about the difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and human or general intelligence. In this second blog, I will instead look at the hype itself. It’s important to explain why AI is suddenly such a hot topic….

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