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One of the most exciting things about attending events like IFS Unleashed is that we all share ideas. No matter where you sit in industry or commerce, we all ponder the daily challenges we face, and form different points of view about how we could (or should) resolve or address them.

Occasionally, you may even have an ‘Ah ha!’ moment: a profound realization that you have perhaps stumbled on an insight, observation or idea that, given some thought and help develop, could really make a difference.

That’s what the new ‘Industry Thinkathon’ event for IFS Unleashed is all about.

Thinkathon @ IFS Unleashed: your chance to say, ‘Ah ha!’

On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th October 2022, for problem solvers, creative minds and solution seekers, we’re offering tickets to a two-day ‘Thinkathon’. Covering five discrete industry groups – Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Utilities and Resources, Construction and Engineering, Manufacturing, Service Industries and Telecommunications – attendees will collaborate in teams with peers to identify and consider pressing industry challenges. Each will select a key challenge, consider and propose a viable potential solution, and finally present their team’s business case to an IFS panel comprising R&D, technical and business development leaders. My IFS colleagues and I will support with ideation techniques and solution design concepts, and provide a creative toolbox to develop and shape viable approaches.

By close of play Friday, a winning pitch will be chosen by our team of IFS judges. The successful group will be interviewed by our event video team about their Thinkathon idea and the development process, with the possibility that their proposal and input may be considered further as part of the IFS future product roadmap.

By way of some example ideation outcomes, a similar exercise in IFS Labs recently realized new capabilities for project-based businesses like Construction, Engineering, Shipbuilding, Energy and Utilities and Mining. The new Schedule of Work module was created out of the need to improve the management of quantities through all stages of a project. The team’s solution has now extended the core features of the IFS integrated Project Management solution to include Quantity and Resource based Estimating, Master Bills of Quantities / Schedule of Items, Work Recording and Progress Tracking.

Have your say. Register for Thinkathon now.

This is a great chance to get behind the scenes and potentially make a difference to your sector. The ‘Thinkathon’ process we’ll use will also provide a fascinating ‘sneak peek’ into some of the techniques and methodologies used to innovate value-based commercial ideas in IFS Labs, our own R&D facility. To learn more about the ways we approach overcoming problems ourselves, read this recent blog by Bas de Vos, VP IFS Labs.

Latest details about our plans for the Thinkathon and ticket registration are available here

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