Neville Hobson

Neville Hobson was the Global Social Media Manager for IFS; he no longer works for IFS. Neville has a curiosity for technology and how people use it (or not use it) especially in the business and workplace contexts. He's an early adopter (and leaver) and experimenter with social media, a blogger since 2002 and a podcaster since 2005.

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Ben Cohen shows how to stand up and be counted

This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment. The international rugby star and businessman, Ben Cohen,…

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Connect with IFS on Social Media at #IFSWoCo15

As many in the global IFS community prepare for the IFS World Conference 2015 in Boston next week, we’re also…

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Stay connected at #IFSWoCo15 with the conference mobile app
IFS WoCo 2015 Mobile Apps

When you take part in an event packed with great content, speakers and experiences, one that’s spread out across three…

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Be at the ARC Industry Forum, Orlando, on us!

Next month, the 19th annual ARC Industry Forum takes place in Orlando, Florida, from February 9-12. IFS is supporting this…

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IFS’s Agility Derives from Enabling a Customer’s Agility

Two posts in the IFS blog last month address a question of business agility. IFS Analyst Chuck Rathmann wondered whether…

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When All is Said and Done, It’s Customer Service that Really Counts

Enabling you to reduce maintenance time in the field is a significant expectation of an ERP system, one that’s frequently…

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Putting Wearable Tech in the Business Context

  A quick search on Google for the term “wearable technology” will produce some 162,000 results, about what you might…

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IFS: Moving It On
Moving It On

I’ve always believed that when a corporate video really tells a story, maximizing the symbiosis between audio and video, you…

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