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Most people are usually ready to talk about their dreams in life. But they are less prepared to talk about their shortcomings and failures. That is because most people do not like to talk about the mistakes and failures which they have faced in their life. They are embarrassed by them.

I believe that there is nothing wrong in discussing mistakes and failures, because I am confident that it is a part of a winner’s mindset.

People who are successful in their lives know how to take a step back in order to move a step ahead. They do not get embarrassed by their failures. They do not walk away. Each time, they learn from their mistakes. The greatest lesson of life is to gain from our losses if we approach them in the right way. As long as the damage caused by losses is not catastrophic, mistakes are acceptable. There is a famous quote “It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose your cow”

John C. Maxwell and famous speaker Less Brown say that “The good times we put in our pocket and the bad times we put in our heart.”. It is true. In my heart, I always carry some of the bad times which I have experienced. We may lose money. We may lose opportunities. Friends and our close ones might die. Those losses we face affect our mental health. Some people know how to handle it well, while others do not. Losses make us hesitant in making decisions. We are decision-reluctant, even if we secretly know what we should do exactly. We start doubting ourselves.

We have a choice when we experience a loss or an experience we consider as “bad”. In times of loss, it is easy to think about how we could have done things differently. Yes, all the losses hurt. They impact us. It changes us. Yet we should not allow those experiences to control us.

The most important person you will ever talk to is yourself.
The most important person you will evaluate constantly is yourself.
The most important person you will always love is yourself.

If we desire success, we should train ourselves for losses. We need to expect more mistakes, failures, and losses in order to raise our bar of success higher. In life sometimes you win and sometimes you do not. But you learn from every experience. Find out why you failed, accept it, learn from it, get back up and move forward.

For me, that is what successful people do!

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