Mikael Hultin

Mikael has a long experience within the world of ERP solutions, including areas such as development, implementation and sales processes. As a business solution consultant, Mikael has outstanding expertise within Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing. Mikael has a degree from the University of Gothenburg and has since then been working with how the customer can optimize their business processes with the help of technology and innovation. The last 20 years Mikael has been with IFS, advising our customers within the field of supply chain and manufacturing – and is a true manufacturing expert at heart.

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Digital Transformation in Asset-Heavy Industries
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is in focus as the mining industry, steel producers and other asset-heavy industries change their processes to balance…

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| | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes | Manufacturing
How can contract manufacturers decrease the level of inventory obsolescence?
high tech manufacturing

Over the past few years, the highly unstable prices on raw material and the increased lead time from suppliers on…

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