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The ultimate night, applauding the greatest minds at IFS, IFS Masterminds Award Ceremony 2022 was held on Friday, October 7 at Golden Rose, Borelasgamuwa.

As the trendsetter, IFS always takes the first step in introducing innovative challenges to mold the teams to stand out strong. A success story of one such mega initiative is IFS masterminds – the ultimate brain battle!

Welcoming a glamorous audience, our leadership team, the distinguished guests, winners and participants, it was a star-studded night! There is no doubt that all who were present on this momentous occasion felt proud to be called the #teampurple family.

Addressing the gathering, Ranil Rajapakse, the Executive Vice President and COO of IFS Sri Lanka reflected on how IFSers has always been at the center stage in the history of being a group of the greatest minds. He also made it a point to appreciate the outstanding participation, enthusiasm of the teams, and relentless efforts of the people behind the curtain who made the event a success.

Although miles apart, it was a pleasure to listen to the encouraging words of Darren Roos too, our CEO at IFS who had sent felicitations for the event virtually.

MegaMindz took the grand trophy away!

The winners of the ultimate brain battle, team MegaMindz who performed a thriller at the finale took home the glamorous trophy, representing that if we stand together, we will always be stronger and better versions of ourselves!

Yes, we had one winner to take the mega trophy home. But we all were winners that night. It was one of the greatest moments amidst all the challenges we face, reliving the team spirit, striving for the best, and standing tall above all!

One team. One purple family. Who are innovative every step of the way, bringing a new touch to those all around us.

The grand night continued to have many surprises and engagements for the participants to relax and enjoy with team spirit, feeling an immense sense of belonging to their second family, #teampurple.

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