2017 defense industry trends

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A new wave of technologies and an increase in cyber-based attacks are forcing the defense industry to adapt. While defense budgets are under scrutiny in the West, defense spending is increasing dramatically in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, opening new markets for growth and opportunity. It truly is an industry in flux. Here Graham…

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Today IFS announced the acquisition of Mxi Technologies Ltd., a market leader in the Aviation Maintenance Software (AMS) sector. By combining IFS and Mxi, we are now uniquely placed to serve the global aviation and defense market with the industry’s best software, solutions, and people. Industry analyst, Diogenis Papiomytis, who is the Director of Aerospace…

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Improving operational availability in civil aviation and defense with advanced analytics

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The growing interest in digital transformation can be seen through the increased use of advanced analytics. A recent survey by Accenture found that 80% of aerospace and defense (A&D) executives acknowledge that digital transformation can benefit forecasting, integration across operations and the collaboration with both suppliers and their organizations. What this means for defense organizations…

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Travelling at a height of 17,000 feet, hurtling through the skies at break-neck speeds and battling the elements to complete the mission. No, it’s not the F-35, but Lt. Freddie Huntley breaking yet another skydiving world record. Last year, as part of its program to support excellence in operations on land, sea and air, IFS…

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A&D blog post image

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Digital transformation is no longer just a technology trend for aerospace & defense (A&D) organizations. It’s a core business approach that needs to be at the heart of enterprise strategies. We all have first-hand experience with the digital transformation that’s occurring in our everyday consumer world and we’ve seen how it’s changing the rules of…

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For certain, product design and manufacturing excellence will always remain crucial disciplines within Aerospace & Defense, but increasingly, the way to excel and grow revenue is through lifecycle services and support.   When it comes to selecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for asset-intensive industries such as aerospace & defense (A&D), there is a tip…

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Four key factors that will change the way defense organizations operate and bring huge changes to military support chains. In 2016, I believe we will start to see the growth of new and demanding military ecosystems develop in the defense market. These ecosystems will be driven by the growth of multiple relationships between contractors and…

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Civil Aviation

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IFS’s Global Industry Director for the Aerospace & Defense sector, Graham Grose, predicts how key trends will be impacting the industry during 2016. Companies will need to control 3D printing processes and counterfeiting risks more closely The civil aviation sector is already a huge trendsetter in the adoption of additive manufacturing (3D printing), contributing 12…

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IFS Applications supports Saab Group‘s business processes to deliver greater mobility, agility and lower IT costs. The relationship between Saab Group and IFS goes back over twenty years. Saab has been an IFS customer since 1994, signing a strategic corporate agreement in 2009 and continues to expand its business relationship with IFS. Saab Group is growing –…

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In 20 years’ time, mobility, wearable technology and the Internet of Things will be commonplace and new technologies will change the way war is waged, military equipment is developed and how assets are supported. AI, autonomy and robotics are already becoming embedded in military weapon systems and inevitably will have major implications in the world…

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