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The growing interest in digital transformation can be seen through the increased use of advanced analytics.

A recent survey by Accenture found that 80% of aerospace and defense (A&D) executives acknowledge that digital transformation can benefit forecasting, integration across operations and the collaboration with both suppliers and their organizations.

What this means for defense organizations

This growing interest in digital transformation can be seen through the increased use of advanced analytics and the application of digital technologies that are enabling defense organizations to support decision-making and significantly reduce costs. Take for example the cost of jet fleet ownership. On average, 20% of combat jet ownership cost is spent on procurement and 80% is spent on maintenance and support. However, if defense organizations invest in digital technologies and utilize advanced analytics, they could cut the lifetime cost for support and maintenance by 10%.

What this means for civil aviation organizations

In civil aviation, airlines incur a number of costs that are outside of their control (fuel prices, staff costs, taxation, etc.). The cost of maintenance, however, is one overhead that an airline can impact. On each flight, a hypothetical 100-seat aircraft only makes a profit from one seat, with maintenance representing about 11% of the operating cost. Therefore, if airlines could reduce their maintenance costs by 10%, they could double their profits. This could be achieved through the utilization of advanced analytics– whether improving the scheduling of planned and preventative maintenance or operating within scheduling constraints more efficiently.

The running theme across support chains and operators in both civil aviation and defense is complexity and the need for this complexity to be understood, processed and subsequently optimized. In the white papers below, read about how the IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) solution can help civil aviation and defense organizations interpret the data generated across complex organizations in the context of strategic business and operational strategy.

Download the civil aviation industry white paper:

Digital transformation enables civil aviation organizations to take advantage of big data and analytics

Download the defense industry white paper:

Digital transformation enables defense to take advantage of advanced analytics

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