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Today IFS announced the acquisition of Mxi Technologies Ltd., a market leader in the Aviation Maintenance Software (AMS) sector. By combining IFS and Mxi, we are now uniquely placed to serve the global aviation and defense market with the industry’s best software, solutions, and people.

Industry analyst, Diogenis Papiomytis, who is the Director of Aerospace & Defense at Frost & Sullivan, commented, “The acquisition of Mxi Technologies by IFS makes strong commercial sense, as the two companies have complementary capabilities and products targeting commercial and military aviation organizations. The global scale of IFS’s operations, as well as its innovation culture, extensive business development and R&D resources, will allow Mxi to grow its business and implement large-scale projects without compromising on customer service or product development timeframes.”

Mxi’s successes to date

Mxi’s Maintenix software suite is uniquely designed to help aviation organizations maximize the revenue potential of their aviation assets through standard, lean, and predictive maintenance. The company’s customer base is global and includes emerging and mid-sized organizations to the largest global aviation enterprises, many of whom have multi-site deployments that scale to several thousand users. Some blue-chip customers are: Southwest Airlines, Air France, KLM, Qantas, China Airlines, LATAM, Icelandair, NetJets, Boeing, BAE Systems, Saab, Pratt & Whitney, and several of the world’s air forces.

IFS was attracted to Mxi because of the quality, track-record, and industry expertise of its employees.

Delivering on a global Aviation & Defense strategy

This acquisition strengthens an area where we have been investing strategically and builds on our recent aviation success, which includes customer wins such as Middle East Propulsion Company, Affinity Flying Training Services, Australian aerospace firm TAE, as well as our relationship with Emirates.

Combined with our recent launch of the IFS Tail Planning Optimization & Assignment Solution, this acquisition uniquely positions IFS with an offering to the aviation and defense market that combine the benefits of end-to-end and best-of-breed solutions.

Moving forward

IFS will continue to support existing Mxi and IFS customers in the aviation and defense sector with a commitment to investing in both the IFS Applications and Maintenix product suites through the creation of a dedicated Aviation & Defense Business Unit. Mxi brings 265 employees to IFS with great experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the aviation and defense sector, which will naturally strengthen the existing IFS industry team.

Welcome to IFS

I believe that IFS now has an offering that is truly unique in the aviation and defense market and I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all new colleagues and customers.IFS Mxi

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