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The other day, I had an enjoyable conversation with IFS Senior Vice President Larry Laux – one of our most distinguished experts on field service management software.

Laux shared his thoughts on big data and the role that it can play in field service management operations. Obviously – big data is a term that is generally applied to very large amounts of transactional data from the internet. But according to Laux, even smaller datasets can present the difficulties in data capture, storage, search, analysis, and vLink to FS Radio Network ERP Podcastisualization normally associated with big data.

In our audio podcast, Laux explains that sometimes, this is transactional data that might refer to a somewhat manageable number of field service events, but can become unwieldy and hard to understand if data is captured at a granular enough level.

“You can operationally define what you mean by ‘big data,’” Laux said. “It doesn’t need to be terabytes or tens of terabytes … STREAM PODCAST TO HEAR MORE.

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