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Our customers always tell us that speed and agility are the keys to success. They need to operate and adapt more quickly than the competition to stay ahead.

To do this, they’re aggressively using technology to build speed and agility into as many areas of business as they can—to get that edge.

Automation makes the difference

Automation is the number one catalyst that drives acceleration—automating work to streamline operations and make more time to create a progressively faster and more agile organization. It’s a virtuous cycle.

But for many organizations, they just don’t have the time to tackle operational inefficiency. For them, routine work is the barrier to change—consuming time and energy that is desperately needed to activate new products, services, and business models. So, nothing changes. They’re stuck in a vicious cycle.

Access to automation is critical

Why? Because organizations with legacy service management platforms can’t automate work quickly. They rely on developers or consultants to build automations. The technical complexity puts rapid automation of work out of reach.

Time taken to create new automations competes with operational pressures to get things done. Operational pressures consume the majority of bandwidth, leaving insufficient time and budget to tackle automations with big overheads. There’s no way they can pause operations for a week or two.

People are too busy fighting fires to stop what they’re doing and wait for consultants to do business analysis, process design, and coding. They’re stuck in a classic Catch-22 situation. They’re too busy treating symptoms to heal the disease.

Simplicity is the key to creating transformative value

Simple workflow automation is the answer. There are people in your organization doing automatable routine work, right now. Routine work that they know could (and should) be automated. The problem is this: the ability to automate the work is out of the reach of the people who know exactly what they need. They need automation to shift the balance of their day from operational work to creative problem solving and new business projects. But it’s got to be easy. And fast. Creating automations needs to fit into the daily job, not disrupt it.

Our customers aren’t stuck because IFS assyst is different. Service automation with assyst is simple. It’s codeless and quick. You don’t need to pause operations because you can integrate the creation of new automations into your day. With drag-and-drop workflow creation, automating a task takes about as long as it takes to manually complete that task. We’ve shrunk the overheads to put automation within reach of the busiest people—because we know they need it most. And we’ve simplified it so that they can quickly build and manage their own automation without any perquisite technical skills. No coding required. No developers. No consultants. Just citizen automators making life easier for themselves—and creating time for the big projects that will make a difference.

Automate everything

It’s so easy there’s never a reason not to automate. If you’ve got time for the manual process, you’ve got time to automate the process. People in IT, HR, Finance, Facilities, and other departments can automate tasks throughout their day, continually reducing their daily workloads and making more and more time for key business projects. The balance quickly tips in their favour. They’re no longer tied up with frustrating routine work. They have the time and energy to engage with new business projects.

That’s how our codeless service automation platform helps our customers stay ahead. That’s why our customers have an unfair advantage—because they’re less stressed and more focused on building the future of their organization.

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