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The Reality of Being a ServiceNow Customer is Falling Short of the Hype

At Axios Systems we’re seeing growing demand from ServiceNow customers who’ve been burned by application overheads and unexpected price-hikes.

Now they want technology that works, without the headaches.


As soon as the ink has dried on the contract, ServiceNow customers are discovering that the hype was exactly that—and that in the cold light of day, ServiceNow carries many of the same problems as the legacy framework vendors like BMC, HPE (recently acquired by Micro Focus) and CA (swallowed up by Broadcom)—high complexity, high cost, and vendor lock-in.

ServiceNow is presented as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) product. A ServiceNow salesperson will happily say it can do anything: it’s flexible because you can twist it and build on it to meet any requirements. The message here is flexibility…but at what cost? The volume of coding/development required to bend ServiceNow into shape means that after only a few years, many customer implementations are in danger of collapsing under the weight of their own complexity.

They can become un-upgradeable and un-maintainable. The reality is that ServiceNow has done nothing to solve the 3-5 year replacement cycle that is loathed but also (wrongly) accepted as just a thing that happens in the world of ITSM technology. It doesn’t need to be this way. Axios Systems buck the 3-5 year replacement trend, building much longer relationships with customers (many Fortune 2000 and Governments) who have stayed with us for 10+ years. When customers move to Axios’s assyst, they stay with itbecause they get the innovation and support they need, right out of the box, without the overheads and hidden costs.

The Reality of Being a ServiceNow Customer is Falling Short of the Hype - happy woman

Another part of the problem is that ServiceNow have over-reached and customers are now paying the price. Aggressive sales targets, intended to pump up revenue and maintain share prices, mean they’ve grown their customer base beyond what they can support in terms of aftersales care. We’ve been picking up a growing demand from ServiceNow customers who are looking for a more best-practice approach; where we develop ITSM tools and they create innovative services that transform their business.

There’s a wave of ServiceNow customers who have been seduced by the ServiceNow hype, tried it, and suffered as a result. They’ve experienced the pain of a PaaS ITSM solution that requires complex development work to get there where they need to go.

Now they’re coming to us because they want the technology to be there right from the start. No coding. No complex integrations. No impossible upgrades that take months. No price surprises. Just simple access to smart technology that’s ready to use, out-of-the-box, easy drag-and-drop configuration, and enjoying upgrades that take hours not weeks.

Axios Regional CEO Markos Symeonides commented,

“Enterprise ITSM platform customers are waking up from the nightmare of certain ITSM tools that require more effort than they’re worth, and naturally lead customers into a quagmire of complex customization. They’re fed up with spending too much time feeding and watering their service management technology—while at the same time seeing rising costs year on year. They don’t want that anymore. They want ITSM tech that works…without the need for an army of consultants and specialists to manage it.”

If you’d like to spend your time focusing on improving your service portfolio, transforming the service experience, and creating new tech-driven innovations—instead of looking after your ITSM platformget in touch to find out how assyst can take the stress out of ITSM.

But don’t take our word for it…

assyst is extremely easy to tailor to our organisation without the requirements for consultants to carry out implementation of modules, upgrades and development. ★★★★★

The learning curve coming from another product to assyst was easy, fast and painless. ★★★★★

Easy implementation of ITSM. ★★★★★

Configuration was easy. ★★★★★


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