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We are delighted to be recognized by Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business and leading provider of cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS), as ISV Global Partner of the Year. This great piece of news was announced as part of Boomi’s annual Partner Summit and Partner Spotlight Awards.

We established our technology partnership with Boomi less than a year ago and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together already. This award acknowledges our joint commitment to providing outstanding integrated experiences for our customers.

“It’s truly an honor to recognize our loyal global partners and the incredible work they are doing on behalf of our mutual customers. I’d like to personally congratulate the IFS team, whose dedicated efforts secured them the title of ISV Global Partner of the Year. Leveraging our combined expertise, IFS and Boomi deliver value through an intelligent, scalable, and flexible platform and we look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial partnership to serve our customers,” said Chris McNabb, Chief Executive Officer of Boomi.

“To me, our partnership with Boomi is a testament to our commitment to offering customers choice and freedom to leverage their existing digital property to achieve faster time to value. Realizing that our technology is one component in our customers’ total ecosystem of solutions, technologies and data, it is essential that we offer openness and complete freedom of choice. Being named ISV Global Partner of the Year gives me and the entire IFS team a boost of energy that will fuel our collaboration for years to come,” said IFS Chief Executive Officer Darren Roos.

Boomi ISV Partner of the Year

Where did it all begin?

Behind every good partnership there is always a brilliant story and a lot of legwork, and the partnership with Boomi has been a great one from the beginning. When we started the Technology Alliances project, we established what strategic extensions and capabilities would benefit our current product portfolio. It was clear that we needed to expand our integration capabilities.

Customers told us about their integration challenges and the multiple different ways to execute the integration. Following these conversations, we conducted an extensive evaluation of multiple integration platform providers. We held a lot of discussions, consulted the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise iPaaS (actually, the last seven Magic Quadrants), and evaluated Boomi’s customer reference cases.

After a rigorous testing phase, we decided on Boomi as the platform of choice—not only for our own products, but for use inside IFS as well.

Why Boomi is a great choice for IFS customers

In a nutshell, the technology alliance partnership with Boomi offers customers more choice in complex data integration.

It gives them the power to choose how they want to bring their data into their IFS solution and how they want to extract their data. Getting into a bit more detail, the platform gives customers the choice to create a data harmonization layer with real-time integration between their systems through the Boomi platform on top of their IFS solution.

They have a choice to do a batch integration, use IFS direct API connectors or have the option of a Microsoft Azure cloud integration. As the Boomi AtomSphere Platform was born in the cloud, any application from the customer’s side can integrate into it and, thus, integrate into IFS seamlessly.

The Boomi integration platform truly provides a huge business value extension to all IFS customers.

Building the Connectors

This year, we’ve worked with the Boomi team to build connectors that are now available for all customers using IFS and Boomi.

Connectors are components on the Boomi AtomSphere Platform written by software vendors like us, to make integrating with a system easy. Handling things like authentication, errors, and message transformation, Boomi offers connectors to many of the systems our customers use, which means a significant reduction in the amount of time and effort needed to build integrations to those systems.

Given the enormous potential for saving time and cost, I’m proud to announce that when a Boomi user looks at the list of available connectors in their account, they see the IFS connectors ready to be dragged and dropped into their business software environment.

Fast, low-code integration

The agility factor is also important. The Boomi AtomSphere Platform is a fast, low-code integration that does not require a developer but a member of the team close to the strategy. IFS customers can build integrations faster and reduce the time they spend on development by weeks or months, enabling their digital transformation. The speed of delivery for creating integrations between applications is much faster than programming them one by one. IFS customers can adopt this platform and develop their own integrations while using it.

So, what’s next?

Our partnership with Boomi has gone from strength to strength and delivered exceptional integrated experiences for our customers. We are passionate about the joint technology and the opportunities it gives to our customers. We’ll continue to innovate together so our customers can integrate faster and turn their technological edge into better services and experiences for their own customers.

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