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IFS is uniquely positioned in our ability to support a wide range of use cases across the telecommunications industry. Our expertise in manufacturing, asset management and service enables us to solve a number of challenges companies in this industry are facing. In this blog, I will highlight some of our customers operating within this industry.  

Manufacturing and Servicing state of the art comms equipment

5G is an enabler of course, but also a game-changer in providing telecommunications infrastructure. Gone is the need for huge and disruptive projects laying cabling in urban areas, instead smaller 5G masts can sit on lampposts, rooftops and bus shelters. This shifts the activity from construction contractors to high tech manufacturers and presents a servitization opportunity for the equipment manufacturers supporting their network operator customers.

See how Motorola Canada supply and support critical communications equipment for the police, fire and emergency services of the province of Quebec: Motorola Canada Case Study

Telecommunications Case Study: Motorola Canada

Constructing & Maintaining Critical Network Infrastructure 

Earlier this year, my colleague, Sarah Nicastro, highlighted the importance of augmented reality in her blog post, “Experience will be everything in 2019 – starting with your customer”. In the blog she writes, “AR is a practical, proven antidote to the experience shortage in field service.” I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, at IFS World Conference 2019, I had the pleasure of meeting with a group from IFS customer, Allinq, who proving Sarah’s prediction correct.

Allinq builds and manage information infrastructure for telecom network owners and are exploring using augmented reality to support their maintenance engineers.

Read how they are working with IFS Labs and watch the video here: IFS Labs & Allinq Blog

Telecommunications Use Cases: Allinq

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service through integrated workforce scheduling

Each day the support center handles a large number of calls and emails from clients with complex issues often requiring an engineer onsite.  

To resolve, typically requires support agents to navigate several disconnected systems, from call handling, email, network monitoring, CRM, and ERP to work order management and scheduling. Rather than talking to customers and resolving their issues, an agent’s time is wasted manipulating multiple screens and searching for data.

Networks’ customers expect to be able to contact their provider in the manner that suits them the best – mobile, social, email or phone – and that their provider will act on their support ticket quickly.  

Telecommunications Case Study: GET

IFS Customer Engagement is a solution to the challenges faced by contact centers, but can also support the operational and field workforce aspects of customer service. From the first call to workforce scheduling to final billing every member of the service team gets full visibility of all aspects of the job ensuring not only efficient, collaborative working but also a great experience for the customer.

Using IFS, GET, Norwegian cable-TV operator and internet service provider, was able to ensure technicians arrived on time at scheduled jobs 99% of the time and that they were able to successfully complete the job the first time – this not only has a positive impact on operational efficiency and workforce utilization, but also customer service.

Learn more here: GET Case Study

Read on? 

Our breadth capability across EAM, ERP and Service Management makes us perfect partner for telecommunications businesses – whether equipment manufacturer, infrastructure contractor or network operator. For more information, visit the telecommunications industry page on or download the industry brochure and eBook.

Telecommunications eBook

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