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One conference that I always enjoy going to is the Gartner Symposium because I always gain insight into topics that interest me as well as listen to their predictions about the future.

This year, I will be part of a strong IFS presence at two Gartner Symposiums – Orlando, Florida from October 4-8; and Barcelona, Spain, from November 8-12.

The main theme at both events is around tackling disruption in the new digital landscape. As Gartner describes it:

A digital wave is sweeping through every industry, organization and culture. This a defining moment for every CIO and senior IT executive: a chance to rise up, align mission-critical priorities and drive business outcomes.

Now this theme can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, everything from your fridge ordering milk on behalf of you to people walking down the street with Google glasses on! One of the issues I think a lot of companies have is trying to decide what is fantasy and what is reality and, therefore, could be of benefit to them.

IFS is closely aligned to this, helping our customers realize these business outcomes with applications that deliver the right information at the right time, and that empower the right decisions

For me personally, the Gartner Symposium opens my eyes to future trends and technologies and I always come away from it with lots of ideas about what IFS can do. Also, by attending conferences like this, I continue to learn about what this means to different people because, in my role, I need to help develop our software to embrace these changes and to help our customers become more successful.

Also, this year I have the pleasure of presenting “Capitalizing on Change with Enterprise IT,” a session aimed at companies using enterprise software. I’ll be leading this session at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando on Monday October 5 at 13:30; and at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona in November (actual date and time still being finalized).

In each session, I will be talking about a few technologies that today’s companies can use to tackle disruption and more importantly use to their advantage. This includes technologies like wearables and Internet Of Things (IoT), but instead of just talking about what they could do and increase the hype associated with them, I will be bringing it down to earth and describing how some companies are actually using them and the benefits that they are experiencing.

A CIO today must constantly look at the digitization of their business and how it can be used efficiently, because they need to have a plan in place of how to adapt to these changes, and proactively respond to the associated upheaval.

After my session, I hope that they have a couple of ideas to take back home and put into action.

Gartner Symposium 2015

So bring your ideas and questions and let’s get together in Orlando and Barcelona!

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