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KLN Family Brands works with IFS to improve forecasting and drive growth

KLN, a family-owned company based in Minnesota that manufactures human and pet food products, is partnering with IFS during a…

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AI, innovation and working with our customers: IFS’s future
AI, innovation and working with our customers: IFS's future

Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. In this session, we hear the latest on AI from IFS labs; how user groups are help each other – and us – get better, and how Shawcor is trnafroming its approach to business.

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IFS Managed Cloud in practice: Jacopa case study

Why move to the cloud? And what will your experience be? Recent IFS Managed Cloud customer Jacopa shares their experience with an urgent install project.

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William Grant & Sons: Using IFS for world class asset management

How do you get your maintenance team from being a bunch of fire-fighters to a world class proactive, innovative team? Through a profound culture change – and some help from IFS.

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VSMC Reaps Rewards from IFS Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices and what they enable employees to do are a central part of the story of IFS customer VSMC and its deployment of a single uniform mobility solution across its international operations.

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