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This field service management post is courtesy of Vice President of Services and Support, Doug Baker:

Listen to Doug Baker discuss how field service management software often needs to be integrated with other enterprise software. Learn three essential tips for integrating your field service management software with ERP software and other operational systems, data warehouses or data sources. The three tips are derived from the following questions:

  • How will data be TRANSPORTED between the systems?
  • What FORMAT will the data be in?
  • Who will TRANSFORM the data?

In addition to these questions a critical part of integrating field service management software is engaging potential customers as early in their sales process as possible. By engaging them early, IFS is better able to accommodate their integration needs. Many times we find that a significant part of a customer’s initial deployment effort is related to putting interfaces in place between our field service management software, their ERP system and other operational systems, data-warehouses or other data sources.

As the process is approached, the main goal is to simply determine the right solution. In determining the correct strategy, getting the customer live is just as important as finding the right integration model so that interfaces are sustainable and maintainable in a way that is manageable and cost effective for the customer.

To hear more about integrating your field service software with ERP listen below or to get engaged with a sales rep please click here.

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