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Data is the New Oil – Discover and Tap It and You May Earn a Fortune

Did you know that 90% of information available today is created within the last two years? Have you ever thought about the business advantages to learn how to use these tools in business? Have you encountered the risk if you don’t?

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BYOB (Bring Your Own Behavior) is a Driving Factor in the Adoption of Enterprise Mobility Applications

A CFO once said to me when we discussed mobility; “I don’t want an IT-project, I want a business development…

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5 Highlights for IFS World Conference – #IFSWoCo2012
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Five days to my first IFS World Conference in Gothenburg. As the conference theme “Innovation” suggests, we will be discussing all that is fresh and innovative. We’ll showcase the latest industry trends to help you benefit swiftly from the cutting-edge technology innovations to enhance operational efficiency and increase ROI.

If you are joining us this year, I have five highlights that I’m looking forward to…

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