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Oracle OpenWorld Takeaways

It’s been a couple of weeks since Oracle once again invaded San Francisco with their 2014 edition of Oracle OpenWorld. Having had a chance to digest and reflect a bit I walked away with two more, as well as two surprises.

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In-Memory Done Right
memory chips

I believe the approach taken by Oracle is the right one. After all, why would we in the software industry learn new tools and skills to develop against a new database when we can get the same benefits as an incremental update to the databases we know well?

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A Roadmap for Technology and IFS Applications

What’s the future or business, technology and IFS Applications specifically? Here’s a look into what’s next, and how IFS is investing to match that.

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IFS versus Oracle: 3-0

At this get-together in Tokyo, Mr. Saga, the project manager at NEC and representing the customer, held the most fantastic speech. With lots of passion, he shared all the details with us, from the customer’s decision to replace their existing solution with IFS Applications up to the present.

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