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4 Behavior Patterns That Will Help You Flex Your Creativity Muscles

Below are four different kinds of innovative personalities. Do you represent one or several?

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I, Robot – Can Artificial Intelligence Play a Role in Business Applications?

You have seen the Hollywood interpretations of artificial intelligence (AI). But what about AI in the real world? What about automating some of the decisions that we do manually in our businesses today? Or what about using AI to provide a better alternative to rule based processing which we use so much of in our business applications?

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7 Tips to Becoming a Better Public Speaker

In this post I want to share seven things to remember when you prepare and perform a presentation. I called it “The 7-up speaker technique.”

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Trust Us – Can’t do it Without You

My biggest takeaway from the day though had nothing to do with the questions asked, nor with the statements made by our competitors. Instead it was the opening presentation by Arild Saastad from Bertel O. Steen. What really stuck with me were the comments he made about how important it is for an ERP vendor to earn the trust of the organizations using their systems.

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Be Agile When You Go Agile

There are two aspects of business travel, especially on the long haul flights, I still enjoy. One is the hours without any inflow of e-mails or other communication. The second is the chance encounter with an interesting person. On my way to IFS development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka the other week I ended up next to bald middle aged lady wearing a turban. This will make for an interesting few hours I thought, and sure it did.

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The Difference Between Usability and User Experience

In software a good user experience requires excellent usability. On top of that it also needs an appealing visual design, high quality, good performance. But most importantly it needs “it”. The “it” that creates the “must have” and “love to use” desires.

And therein lays the problem. What really is “it”? How could we describe what we are looking for?

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