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Upgrading in a pandemic: Put your core business needs first

Håkon Kvåle, Director of IT Technology & Change for Norwegian insulation and construction products supplier GLAVA® (part of Saint-Gobain group), shares his experience and…

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| | Estimated reading time: 2 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing
DI Industri 4.0: Digitalization, AI and IoT

I can’t help but feel inspired after a day of inspirational presentations and conversations with manufacturing companies, including ABB, Atlas…

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Top construction companies need a top tech provider
10 Best Construction Solutions logo

The construction industry is braced for a digital revolution. Leading industry player Balfour Beatty has predicted that during the next…

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Digitalizing your business with the Industrial Internet of Things

Most companies are just starting their journey to digitalizing their business. Here’s where you start – and where you’re going.

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