Mehmood Khan

Mehmood has over 20 years’ experience in advising companies in digital transformation and new technology. Today he operates with a vision to grow and diversify business in the MESA region. He has played a key instrumental role in growing the IFS business in the Middle East and South Asia in the time he has been with IFS and continues to bring value to customers across the region. Prior to joining IFS, Mehmood has held various positions in leading corporates across Africa and the Middle East.

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Calidus and IFS – a partnership that is changing defense equipment design, manufacturing and delivery

Rewind to the 2017 Dubai Airshow. Remember the pictures of the Light Attack aircraft announced at the show, manufactured entirely…

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3 ways business might change, and how to support this change
Life After Covid-19

How work and business is likely to change long term once we get past the crisis, and the capabilities you…

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