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It is no secret the last couple of years brought market uncertainty to the global upstream oil and gas industry. The significant decline in demand and continued pricing volatility for oil and gas has created operational and financial challenges for upstream companies both big and small.

During these times, veteran E&P leaders, accustomed to the cyclical nature of the market over many decades, both rely on their own valuable experience and look to expert companies they can count on that have delivered constantly and dependably over time to help minimize their operational risk.

Reliability and Integrity Matter

IFS Energy & Resources (formerly P2 Energy Solutions) is proud to be the industry’s most trusted, reliable partner for data and software solutions that reach across the upstream organization from the field to the back office. For more than 30 years, nearly 2,000 customers – including the largest, most successful companies in the oil and gas business – have relied on IFS more than any other solution provider to help make sound operational judgements quickly. Why? We believe it is because of our:

  • Ability to provide accurate and consistent results through best-in-class solutions
  • Expansive depth and breadth of functionality that connects the field through financials
  • Proven installation and deployment processes that deliver unmatched implementations

At IFS, we know there are no shortcuts to delivering what our customers need and expect because they rely on our solutions to pay and bill partners, file tax and regulatory reports, and make decisions that significantly impact financial investments and profitability. And that is a responsibility we have never taken lightly. IFS has unmatched oil and gas knowledge and experience, and we stand behind our solutions and work with our clients and partners.

Giving Customers What They Want

Our customers repeatedly tell us what matters most to them:

  1. Functionality
  2. Integration
  3. Data accuracy
  4. Visibility into their operations through solutions that are easy to learn and use

To deliver these must-haves, we listened, and have invested significantly to continue to match technical requirements with functionality so our customers get the most accurate results while saving time and money through our field to finance suite of products.

Over the past few years, we have introduced many customer-driven innovations, including configurable workflows that reduce the use of spreadsheets and manual systems across departments within an upstream oil and gas company, as well as IFS Energy & Resources – Central, a way for our customers to access multiple applications, reports, and dashboards in one place on the web. We know your land team enters information into the land system and accounting pros are the ones running revenue. At the same time, field and production teams are monitoring wells and tanks, entering production data, and scheduling work. Each team has different, critical functional needs, but storing, processing, and sharing data across an integrated platform allows them to collaborate in a way that others cannot match. And because IFS provides clean, seamless integration of data in this end-to-end scenario, the time required to manage data is reduced, accuracy is improved, and decision time is shortened as well.

Our best-in-class upstream oil and gas technologies have sustained and evolved as our customers have evolved. Application enhancements are prioritized with intent and delivered through a dynamic customer-feedback loop that ensures we are listening to and addressing customer needs first.

While newer market entrants have often focused on style over substance and less robust offerings, often risking customer success in exchange for growing their own offerings, we know our customers should never hang in the balance of critical technology, especially during challenging times, and that quality, accuracy, and completeness matter most when your performance and profitability – your company’s success – are on the line.

In Uncertain Times, Leadership and Experience Count

During challenging times, operational efficiencies driven by focused investment, proven performance, and unfaltering reliability are critical to our customers. Accustomed to weathering the storms of the energy markets, IFS is experienced, financially sound, and like our customers, has continued to invest in our future so we can help you achieve yours.

Consider this: Smaller, less financially stable vendors formed in previous boom cycles face an uncertain future in this leaner, “lower for longer” energy value cycle. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. By contrast, IFS will be here tomorrow to serve you. When times get tough, reliability matters, and we will continue to deliver.

As always, we extend our gratitude to you, our customers, for your continued support and confidence on this shared journey and for allowing us to contribute to your company’s success. If you have acquisition opportunities on the horizon where we can help you assess datasets during due diligence to help minimize your risk and optimize your profitability, we’d love to visit with you further.

To learn more about IFS Energy & Resources and our suite of solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry, visit our website:

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