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Life as an undergraduate trainee is a very developmental time period in one’s life. Having to balance your performance at the training organization while at the same time, keep up with the grades you have been earning at the university requires a lot of effort, commitment and dedication. Nevertheless, I would say that these are the best few years for you to add more value to yourself as a person and as a professional.

But how?

  1. Networking and getting to know the culture.

As a fresh joiner to a company, you will experience a completely different environment at the workplace compared to that at the university. Sometimes, it can be tough. But it might be different if you are passionate. The importance lies in the ability to adapt. This includes gaining a sound knowledge of the organizational culture, including the work practices of your team members and adapting yourself accordingly. This helps to get to know each other, develop interpersonal skills and get involved easily. This will for sure make your work life much easy.

  1. Never hesitate to learn new things and apply what you have already learned.

Make the best of your training period by clearing your doubts to gain a clear understanding of the technicalities of the function you are working in. Be it Finance, Marketing or HR, ask questions and sort it out before it goes out of your mind. This will make work more interesting.

At the same time, do not forget to present your ideas to your team. Utilize the knowledge you have gained theoretically and try to apply it practically.

  1. Be humble to learn from those who are working with you.

You will have to work with different people. Most of the times, they may be ahead of you in terms of experience, knowledge and values. Being humble enough to learn good attitudes and values is also an integral part of spending the best of ones’ undergraduate training period. This will add value to you as a person.

Remember that education and training experience together makes the best investment a person can make for the future. Neither drop out of your studies due to your training nor mess up your training trying to get higher grades for the exams. Rather, invest time and effort in both and make the best out of it. You can do it!

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