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Most of the time people tend to think that, to say “Thank You”, there should be a tangible item given and received. During the busy schedules in corporate life, that is why people lack giving thanks to teammates, leaders or whoever helped in achieving their individual or team goals.

Something that every human should have experienced firsthand is that we feel very valued and elevated when someone says, “Thank You”, especially when that is very weighted in the tone of the thanks giver. It is a common feeling to every human being.

Not only that, but also people feel influenced to do more good, or to fulfill responsibilities on time when they are appreciated for their contribution. A Simple heartfelt thanksgiving persuades people to do more and achieve more. At IFS, this value is experienced by everyone in different levels. It is the daily work that one is supposed to deliver, the work that he/she gets paid for. But at IFS, employees are always valued for what they do with thanks in return! Apart from the monetary benefits those are for on-time quality delivery, this simple gesture makes team members feel much admired.! This inherits from senior level to junior level in the organization.

Sometimes, the person who gets the appreciation may be having a bad moment, but a warm thanksgiving will give him/her a second of happiness. At the end of the day, it is just expressing how grateful one is, which makes the thanksgiver happy and the person who received the thanks is happy, knowing the positive impact of it.

The help which was received by one can be as small as just asking “How can I help you?” by another. This has a lot of value even if those are few words. So, practicing saying “Thank you” more often can show the other person that you are genuinely grateful. Good thoughts and deeds should always receive a special place.  Embrace the happiness of gratitude and spread it!

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