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The date was September 2, 2019. It was the dawn of an ordinary Monday for most people, but for me, it was special. It was the day I entered a new world. A world filled with unity, collaboration, dedication, courage and most importantly fun. I could get used to this new world and life at IFS.

This new world has given me a warm welcome and enlightened me with its fascinating aspects. The people were so nice to me and took me as an integral part of their family without hesitation. I felt so glad to be a part of this new world; which is none other than the IFS Global Support Organization (GSO) Team.

A New Chapter

During my first week, I was fortunate enough to participate in a company trip. I call that good timing.

The trip gave me a great platform to mingle with coworkers and foster new relationships. Out of all the mesmerizing activities during the trip, the ‘forest breathing session,’ always stands out to me as the most unique experience.

Life at IFS

During the session, our team went to a nearby forest to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of nature. We all ignored the distractions from our gadgets during the session. This was a nice activity to eradicate stress. It was a great reset before heading back to the normal workweek.

Work-Life at IFS

The working culture at IFS is superior to the traditional corporate culture in Sri Lanka.

When starting at IFS, I received a comprehensive six-day basic functional training coupled with continuous mentoring to become effective and aligned to the processes at IFS.

The trainers were energized and encouraged me to grasp the fundamentals and core concepts of IFS Applications and nurtured me towards excellence. The friendly atmosphere within the training sessions provided extra comfort in learning the core concepts.

I would consider both my reporting managers as a key pillar of strength in providing continuous support and guidance to develop my skills and to have better exposure to the company and my colleagues.

Life at IFS

They have been extremely supportive in fulfilling all the infrastructure requirements and preparing me to take future challenges at GSO Manufacturing.

I have been assigned the task of handling customer cases from the third week of the commencement of my work. As a so-called “newbie”, both of my mentors offered great support. They provided continuous guidance and clarifications while I got the first taste of being a Business Systems Analyst at IFS.

When reflecting on the first month at IFS, I’m lucky to join such a diverse company with a strong corporate culture and a dynamic set of colleagues.

I firmly believe that my peers will continuously support me in the years to come and provide me more opportunities to expand my horizon within the IFS family.

With my first month behind me, I can honestly recognize IFS as my family away from home.

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