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Appointed as the solus integration partner for IFS early in 2020, Boomi has now completed some 100 IFS integration projects globally, both directly with IFS and alongside IFS partners.

Gemma Coupland, Boomi Alliance Director, and Peter Sketch, Boomi EMEA ISV Lead, explain the synergies between the companies and cultures, and how the company’s Platinum sponsor conference debut at IFS Unleashed this year will showcase several strategic customer success stories.

What’s your relationship with IFS?

Boomi is a leading provider of cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS). For over two-and-a-half-years our strategic partnership has allowed IFS customers to easily control and switch between IFS and third-party applications.

To enable organizations to modernize going forward and enjoy new IFS functionality and updates as they are released, IFS has, for several years, pioneered an open, RESTful API approach. Coupled with Boomi’s iPaaS enterprise integration platform, our connectors and open APIs make connecting, extending, or integrating into the IFS core quick and easy.

Put simply, Boomi lets IFS customers rapidly integrate best-of-breed applications and services. Our platform offers low-code integration without the need for a developer. An easy-to-use workflow interface allows any team member close to the strategy to use a graphical drag and drop interface to create integrations using IFS connectors.

By decoupling applications from each other with a modular composable ERP strategy, any changes, substitutions, and upgrades can occur without the need to code or maintain legacy customizations over time. Since the IFS core remains standard, we ensure IFS customers can enjoy incremental IFS updates and evergreen software, with an easy and cost-effective upgrade path. The need to connect data across endpoints in the cloud on premise, in legacy environments and edge is really the sweet spot for the Boomi platform business case.

IFS Unleashed this year looks at how IFS can accelerate business value – specifically through digitalization, transformation, workforce empowerment and service delivery (Moment of Service™). How do those themes relate to current Boomi projects?

One of the synergies between our companies is a clear focus on delivering business value in the most efficient way. Boomi helps organizations to significantly reduce their project implementation timescales. For example, IFS customers using Boomi routinely report time-to-go-live reductions of up to 50%-70%. A recent report by Forrester1 found the time saved on integration development projects for organizations using Boomi increased efficiency by 65%. Across the six organizations interviewed, the total return on investment was 410%.

IFS solutions are not standalone. Unlike other vendor offers, as a ‘best-of-breed’ choice they are always connected to other things. This ability to co-exist in any application environment is a fundamental differentiator for IFS, and so fast, easy integration is really important. Eliminating customization transforms the way that ERP application modernization can proceed; that customer benefit from our partnership with IFS is very real, especially now as more and more look to move to IFS Cloud and maintain evergreen software.

What can attendees expect to hear from you at Unleashed?

There are a few things we’ll be talking about at IFS Unleashed. Firstly, we’ll be sharing some industry-specific examples with vertical IFS partners stories that will help illustrate the value that our partnership brings to different sector challenges. We’ll also be illustrating how, once we have a single version of the truth, our workflow capability and low code application development platform allows us to deliver solutions to front end users at speed.

What aspect of Unleashed are you most looking forward to?

We’ve attended two IFS sales conferences so far, and actively participate in user groups, but with the COVID hiatus this is the first IFS customer-facing conference Boomi has been able to join. We expect to bring around 15 staff and are looking forward to simply meeting customers and partners and hearing their experiences. On a lighter note, we’re sponsoring the Beach Party, so no doubt will be showcasing some colorful apparel!

What makes Boomi unique in the partner ecosystem?

I think the fact that IFS has selected us as its only integration partner, and the fact that we have developed a highly successful a strategic partnership that is genuinely 50/50, probably says it all. We look forward to regrouping together again in Miami…

Join us at IFS Unleashed

  1. Source: Forrester Research – The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Boomi AtomSphere Platform, August 2021

Gemma Coupland, Boomi Alliance Director and Peter Sketch, Boomi EMEA ISV Lead

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