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No matter what industry you work in, continuous learning has become the norm in the workplace due to ever changing nature of technological economic and political environment.

You may have to learn new systems, technologies, processes, regulations etc., to survive in the industry and you may learn from formal training programs or through self-learning. No matter what you learn and how you learn, following tips can be useful for learning specifically in corporate environments.

Know what you try to achieve before you start learning

Though it might look obvious, we often fail to understand what we really try to achieve, especially in situations where you participate in compulsory training. In a good training program, you will be able to understand this from learning objectives, but if you are not clear, make sure you know what you try to achieve from learning. It will not only help you to grasp what is taught better, it will also help you to apply what you learn in an effective way.

Use mind maps rather than taking notes

Taking notes is what we do in training. However, is it the best way to record what we learn? When we get trained on something it is important that when we need to use what we learn, and we must be able to recall it quickly. A better way to do this is to take notes in the form of a mind map rather than as a sequential note. This way on one hand it is easy to find what you need to recall from what you wrote; on the other hand, it will help you to understand the connections between different things you learn which will also help you to remember effectively.

There are several apps you can use to take mind maps. You can choose one based on your preference. If you use paper to draw mind maps, remember to use a large notebook.

Learn the process more than the system

This is especially applicable for IT systems-related training which is quite common. When you learn about an IT system, understand the process that you are trying to perform from the system more than the steps you do in the IT system. This does not mean remembering steps is not important, but if you remember the process, you will be more intuitive when using a system.

Know whom to contact

No matter how well you remember what you learned, problems will start to arise when you really try to work with what you learned. In such situations it is important that you know the experts to contact. So, when you participate in a training, take note of the experts in what you learn.

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