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We’re pleased to share that IFS assyst is named as a winner at this year’s Sales and Marketing Technology Award, also known as “The Sammys”, announced by the Business Intelligence Group.

The Sammys recognize the technologies and organizations striving to solve the challenges businesses face in connecting and collaborating with their prospects and customers. This year we’re proud to have received the “Product of the Year” award for User Experience Optimization.

Why did IFS assyst win?

Enabling customer success through the delivery of great Moments of Service is one of our key goals at IFS. To achieve this, we continuously improve our processes and product offering to get to where we are at today.

1. A recognized leader in enterprise service management technology

Service is quickly becoming the most important driver for organizations and IFS assyst is the solution that empowers employees and customers to provide service that not only meets their expectations but exceeds them. IFS assyst puts service management technology within reach for organizations and allows them to automate complex business processes easily. The industry expertise of our people and our growing ecosystem, together with a commitment to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in our sector.

2. A licensing model that keeps it simple

Here at IFS, we truly try to understand the needs of our customers and have designed our solution to meet those requirements. As their businesses grow and expand, the solution grows with them. Our simple licensing model takes out the complexity of enterprise service management. You get the ITSM, ITOM, and ESM modules included in one license, offering all our customers simplicity and transparency.

3. A codeless, user-friendly experience

From implementation to operation, the ease of use continues throughout. IFS assyst’s codeless engine enables non-technical users to use the solution easily and effectively across the organization. To further ensure and support our customer’s success when implementing IFS assyst, we provide over 100 out-of-the-box workflows, allowing organizations to forego costly customizations while still getting the tailored solution for their unique business needs.

4. An affordable solution that stands out amongst many

And we believe that all of this doesn’t have to come at a premium, either. Our pricing model makes us unlike any other ESM offering. IFS assyst is the most competitively priced ESM solution on the market today. In fact, we offer ESM for the price of a cup of coffee, enabling organizations the ability to deploy ESM to every employee in every department as well as their partners and external customers.

All these together enable us to provide a solution that stands out amongst other ESM systems and offer the great service our customers deserve.

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