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The beating heart of IFS Cloud is a single product and platform that delivers the whole spectrum of our EAM, FSM and ERP solutions. Our mission has been to knock down the traditional barriers between enterprise software categories and replace them with one seamless experience.

Our Chief Product Officer, Christian Pedersen, recently reiterated the rationale for this:

“With IFS Cloud we set out to develop and bring to market a product that is aligned to how customers buy and use technology. Customers look at their business in terms of their people, their assets, and their customers, not in terms of software product categories.”

22R1, our first major release for this year, saw us forge ahead with this strategy, as Christian goes on to explain:

“With IFS Cloud and with this April 2022 release, we are continuing to break down these artificial constructs and deliver capabilities that are aligned to how customers run their business – end to end. As an example, customers want intelligent insights faster and they want to accelerate automation, but they want to do this across their people, assets, and customers’ processes so that they can garner more value faster”.

A key aim for the April release was to continue helping our customers create business value in three areas:

  1. Accelerate intelligent insight and automation across your business
  2. Elevate the service you provide to your customers
  3. Unlock new levels of experience and productivity for your people

Every feature in our latest release is tied to one of those areas – here’s a rundown of some of the key enhancements and features of 22R1.

1. Accelerate intelligent insight and automation across your business

Advanced analytics enable you to apply deeper insights to your business. 22R1 empowers you with simpler, more intelligent analytics for faster time-to-insight and improved predictive capabilities to support planning and reduce downtime. Heightened automation liberates your staff – it reduces the time, effort, and burden on resources while increasing the quality of work.

When it comes to intelligent insight and accelerated automation, some of the key features and capabilities we delivered in 22R1 were:

  • IFS Cloud Platform: new analysis models and further business intelligence added
  • Service Management: more accurate optimization and predictability of work and capacity
  • Asset Management: improved maintenance operations and downtime management, as well as enhanced asset performance prediction
  • Human Capital Management: automation and intelligence enhancements across multiple areas
  • Customer Relationship Management: new customer insights added

For more detail on any of those features, along with a rundown of many more, check out our latest release factsheet.

2. Elevate the service you provide to your customers

Delivering value to your customers through a reliable and high-performing service will build trust, loyalty, and help you rise above the competition. 22R1 continues to unite the front and back office so you can serve your customers faster and more accurately, consistently delivering against committed service levels:

  • Service Management: empowering field technicians to deliver best-in-class service
  • Customer Relationship Management: omni-channel contact center: support for WhatsApp in Customer Engagement solution
  • Manufacturing: extended capable-to-promise solution for make and configure-to-order processes
  • Procurement: employee self-service enhancements
  • Supply Chain Management: enhancements to multi-echelon inventory planning

3. Unlock new levels of experience and productivity for your people

Good employee experiences lead to better customer experiences. 22R1 provides the tools you need to continue developing your people and support them at the Moment of Service:

  • Asset Management: work planning and scheduling enhancements and new tool check-in/out monitoring
  • Aviation Maintenance: remote assistance for Forward Line Maintenance, addition of supervisor workflows for Forward Line Maintenance, and enhanced electronic signatures
  • Service Management: improved team productivity in scheduling optimization and dispatch and enhanced technician productivity in mobile work order
  • Finance: expanded capabilities in Cash Planning
  • Human Capital Management: extended HCM analysis and follow up
  • Customer Relationship Management: enhancements to marketing campaigns and marketing lists and the addition of a new Kanban board for business opportunities
  • Projects: integration with Microsoft Project and new Multi-company Project Reporting (MCPR) improvements
  • Supply Chain Management: enhancements to remote stock operations management and introduction of project and ownership aware shipment orders

Explore IFS Cloud

IFS Cloud customers benefit from twice-yearly releases of new features and capabilities, along with monthly service updates containing fixes and security patches. With 22R1, we continued supporting our customers’ journeys to digitalization by delivering the tools, innovations and experiences that drive the most value for them.

To explore our single product and platform further, head to:

  • The product overview page to discover how IFS Cloud can help you orchestrate your customers, people and assets
  • The product platform page to learn about our AI, machine learning, and IoT technologies, as well as the deployment options on offer, and much more
  • The latest release factsheet for more detail on any of the features we’ve covered in this blog

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