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An IFS Partner since 2019, Hoist Global Tech Solutions Inc. will be attending and exhibiting at IFS Unleashed as a sponsor this year. Nick Mezher, Hoist CEO and Co-founder, explains more…

How does Hoist support IFS customers?

Although Hoist was formed in 2019, myself, my co-founder and our 100 strong global team have a long history with IFS, its people and its technology either using its products as a customer or working for IFS as an employee. So, one thing companies looking for an IFS Partnership with Hoist can be very confident of is… ‘we get it’. We’ve walked in their shoes already.

This means that the majority of our senior team has had hands-on experience with the product either through use or deployment. Our people know what delivering exceptional service looks like, from business need engagements to regional or global implementation and rollouts projects. We mirror the passion for service that drives IFS too.

In terms of our scope of work, we run cross functional teams servicing a diverse portfolio of industries – certainly all those core sectors traditionally served by IFS, and several more besides which increasingly sees us opening new doors for IFS software and finding new ways for IFS to add value.

We believe passionately in the product and the IFS vision, so our focus and growth has come from successfully helping customers maximize their investment and realize value in their business. To do this we’ve established a strong and highly skilled support team and become an IFS strategic partner. In addition to our strong North American presence, we have a presence in Sri Lanka alongside IFS, plus in other key regions including the UK, Columbia, Brazil and Middle East. This also means we operate as a multi-language company. We can deliver projects fluently in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

The Hoist – IFS partnership is a well-oiled machine: in many cases, IFS will introduce Hoist early to customers as its strategic implementation partner, and from there we take care of and deliver on the whole implementation project, including running the highly praised IFS Digital Business Value Assessment.

IFS Unleashed this year is all about showing how IFS can accelerate creating business value – specifically through digitalization, business transformation, workforce empowerment and service delivery at the Moment of Service™. How do those themes relate to current Hoist projects?

For example, we have a customer who is a global manufacturer, and with our help, is now able to retire legacy systems and standardizing, and simplify its process with IFS enterprise-wide. In terms of transformation, capturing data and deriving actionable, decision-ready insights is at the core of what we do, and we are already very engaged with several IFS customers who are making the journey to Industry 4.0. The lockdowns have inadvertently created a great example of just how far technology has come in enabling seamless remote and hybrid working, both for us and our customers.

Ensuring consistency, quality and repeatability with a proven methodology is in our DNA, and powerful resources like the IFS Scope Tool really help to underpin successful implementations with faster time to value.

When you get to IFS Unleashed what will you most look forward to?

Whilst we’re still a relatively young company we have a very experienced and mature team, so I think we’re always really excited about meeting customers and learning about their experiences in person. It’s always interesting to me to hear how they are transforming their business by working with IFS, whether that’s by creating additional revenue, reducing costs or improving performance. We’re here to help them achieve their goals. Going to the community event and hearing about different experiences helps us understand the opportunities and capabilities that we need to have to help other customers do the same thing because today, how fast companies create value from their technology is a competitive advantage.

There’ll be some 16 Hoist execs and staff attending and manning our booth, alongside several customers who are coming as well. I think it’s going to be a great platform for the different Hoist teams to showcase our spectrum of capabilities, and how we truly work in a multi-region, multi-language way.

Learn more about IFS Unleashed here.


Nick Mezher, CEO and Co-founder of Hoist Global Tech Solutions Inc., IFS Unleashed Platinum Sponsor.

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