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In 2019, more than 1700 attendees took time out to attend our world conference. In 2022, the world is thankfully returning to (a sense of) normality but the way in which global businesses must operate has irreversibly changed. Now, more than ever, technology shapes success — and IFS services, products and people are here to help you achieve your best possible business outcomes.

With this in mind, I’m delighted that this October 10-14, 2022, we’re all back with you in person, in Miami South Beach, safely face-to-face with all the appropriate precautions. 

Unleash your full business potential

We’re on a mission: to show you, first-hand, what transformative enterprise software, professional customer success services and cloud technology can really achieve in your industry. 

IFS Unleashed is our all-new, fully immersive experiential global community event. It’s been designed to take you on a journey that will provide you with the most relevant, and valuable insights to realize value for your business.  

This year, IFS Unleashed will focus and show you how the right technology and success plans can dramatically liberate and accelerate four key business outcomes. In particular, we’ll explore how to unleash: 

  • Faster business growth from a digitalized environment 
  • Faster business value through transformative change 
  • Faster workforce innovation through empowered people 
  • Faster service excellence by curating loyalty at The Moment of Service™ 

Today, our agenda for IFS Unleashed goes live. 

So: what’s on offer?

IFS Unleashed takes place in the Miami Beach Convention Centre.  

Our program of Showcase keynote sessions, delivered by C-level industry peers, thought leaders and commentators takes place in the main hall. Each of the two daily sessions will focus on a different theme that is true across industries and will highlight and explore key elements and learnings with the audience. 

In the exhibition hall, we have a new approach to breakouts covering mainstream topics (see the agenda now live). A series of theatres with dedicated industry, product and partner areas spread throughout the exhibition hall will provide vibrant, collaborative and immersive settings 

Find details of our industry, innovation and product specific sessions, debates and panel discussions, as well as customer case studies, demonstrations and more here. There will also be a dedicated executive track for our C-suite attendees, combining thought leading discussion and workshops, including a tailored summary of business recommendations and insights to take back to your board. 

Direct access to IFS experts has always been a key feature of our global community events. This year IFS Unleashed lets attendees discuss and explore selected agenda topics further by booking one-to-one meetings with experts, or posting a question, using our IFS Unleashed event app. 

The event also provides the opportunity for IFS customers to access live training after the event, with a choice of technical and functional sessions chosen by attendees (see examples here). 

Our partners remain central to our success and IFS Unleashed includes an invitation to an additional one-day Partner Summit, with access to exclusive content, executives and experts. Throughout the event, there will be plenty of opportunities for our attendees to engage with IFS partners and exchange knowledge about how to master challenges and accelerate business outcomes. 

Creating refreshing, relaxed and productive opportunities to network and connect with industry experts, partners and peers remains a core component of the new IFS Unleashed format. In addition to daily lunches, evening events and entertainment include the Customer Appreciation night and, (since this is Miami, after all!) a themed Beach Party – Ray Bans optional. 

This is the largest, most ambitious global community event IFS has ever staged. We are committed to engaging, exciting and inspiring every single attendee. I do hope you will save the dates, register, and discover what it means to experience IFS Unleashed. 

Check out all up to date information and register here for IFS Unleashed.

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