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We are honored that IFS has received recognition as a runner-up in the categories for ‘Remote Workforce Management’ and ‘Remote Team Communication & Collaboration’ at the UK National Innovation Awards. We believe this speaks to the integrity of our products, exemplified in our best-in-the-industry planning and scheduling optimization engine.

The IFS PSO (planning and scheduling optimization) solution focuses on the delivery of business value to service organizations, through the practical application of the most sophisticated optimization algorithms. We combine pure mathematics and artificial intelligence with the mechanisms to relate these concepts to real business problems though our inherent understanding of service.

Moments of Service

With millions of ‘moments of service’ occurring every day, IFS know how to solve problems at scale. Using a dynamic scheduling engine, AI techniques automate tasks and pick the best algorithms for sorting certain types of problems with the automation task being able to differentiate what works best depending from case to case – from large number of linked activities to geographical restrictions. In short—IFS uses the best algorithm to solve the users’ query.

The strength of IFS is powered by this, but our solution sets itself apart through unmatched scalability, with the ability to process tens of thousands of service appointments in minutes, when our competitors take hours. This is because we at IFS understand service—we know that when service needs change, you can’t wait around for rescheduling, and we don’t want to force you to manually update schedules when our automation system can do it for you. IFS offers the only planning and scheduling optimization tool that gets out of your way, allowing you to focus on the delivery of service, while we save your business money and improve customer satisfaction without you having to lift a finger.

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to delivering such a system is needed which combines AI, architectural framework and functionality, to enable rapid modelling of the operational environment on a scale involving 1000s of resources and work assignments/flows which gives billions of potential choices. Determining which decision is the best for the business at a point in time for these very large problem spaces, i.e. generates most value as defined by the business, is the primary purpose of our solution.

The UK National Innovation Awards recognizes technology innovations and their impact on customer experience, operational performance and employee engagement. The awards are open to technology developers worldwide who have products and solutions available to the UK market.

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