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The world of events has changed. You’ve raised the bar on what you expect and we listened.

In the last two months, you’ve probably been invited to countless webinars and physical events that have turned digital. Many of these ‘safe distance sessions’ have their merits. After all, the economy is still sputtering on (the S&P500 is only down 6% YTD); goods, services and information continue to be exchanged.

It’s just that this exchange looks remarkably different right now (and likely will for the foreseeable future). Similarly, the way we engage and consume content cannot be linearly translated from what would have made sense in-person to a digital delivery format.

So, with this in mind, we are launching MindFuel – a series of online sessions (some live, some recorded) that last between 10-60mins and bring together industry thought leaders to share opinions, advice and examples that can be applied to today’s business reality.

Why? Simply put: our ecosystem of customers, partners and prospects have expressed an appetite to share, learn and plan how technology can be used to make their businesses more resilient, so that they are well placed to capitalise on future change.

We are eager to answer this call, and so have curated sessions into industry-specific series that are both relevant and that respect the needs of our audience – namely, to be clear, be concise and impart something of real value.

What is MindFuel and why should you join?

First, MindFuel is not about IFS or our products and services (there’s another time and place for that).

Rather, MindFuel is curation of free online sessions for anyone and everyone looking for digestible insights on how to navigate these turbulent times. You can hear inspirational stories from other organizations who are challenging themselves to rise above the sobering reality of the new normal (recall my comment on the craving for stories on business resilience!).

We’ve designed MindFuel, which kicked off yesterday, to provide insights tailored for construction; defense; energy, utilities & telecoms; manufacturing and field service businesses. The collection of industry sessions is underlined by technology and business leadership sessions, which will stretch our thinking about what’s possible in the recovery of our businesses and our economies.

To ensure a well-rounded bench of contributors, we are bringing together some in-house industry experts, with some of the best minds we know – some are current customers, some are partners, but many are just knowledge experts willing to share.

If your interest is exclusive to specific topics such as smart manufacturing, supply chain management, servitization or applied artificial intelligence (AI) for instance, you’ll find it easy to identify and join sessions on each of those areas (and many more) without having to take part in sessions that are less relevant to you.

We’ve also built a set of insights for our C-level audience members, presented by like-minded C-suite. These sessions center on the biggest challenges faced across a set of business functions: IT, sales management, finance and executive management.

I realize the space this occupies on your calendar matters too, so we’ve seen to that. Got only 10 minutes? We have viewpoints and ‘how-to’ sessions that pack a punch in that timeframe. Able to dedicate 60mins? Join an in-depth panel of thought leaders or participate in a workshop that will enable you to bring your ideas to life.

This is all to say: there is something for everyone in MindFuel.


What to expect in the coming weeks

Throughout June & July, we will be publishing and broadcasting multiple sessions per week. To highlight a few of the sessions applicable to all industries:

  • This Thursday (June 4), Editor-in-Chief at ERP Today, Paul Esherwood, will share his view on what’s changed in the market, and how companies can focus their ERP projects to deliver most value
  • This will be followed in short order by a series of sessions with diginomica, discussing why some businesses are accelerating their digital transformation investments, as well as pros and cons of this shift.
  • Near the end of the series, CIO Network chair and freelance journalist Mark Chillingworth  is joined by several CIOs to discuss safeguarding a business during a crisis without locking down productivity

I can’t wait for all the sessions that are planned and I look forward to ‘seeing’ you at MindFuel!

Do you have questions or comments?

We’d love to hear them so please leave us a message below.

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