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No matter your industry, challenges and opportunities are never far away. The right enterprise software can support your company’s ability to meet emerging challenges and respond to constant change by providing the foundation for enterprise agility. But how exactly do you find the right enterprise software?

This blog provides 10 software selection questions you should ask during your enterprise software selection to help you find the right enterprise software.

1. Has the software been developed for your role?

Enterprise software developed with deep functionality for your role enables you to work the way that suits you best. 

2. Does the vendor’s team truly understand your industry?

Make sure there’s evidence of proven industry expertise. A great place to start is analyst recognition. Industry expertise and commitment to customers results in faster time to value.

3. Is the software intuitive and easy to use?

To unlock the greatest value in an enterprise software investment, it should be both easy and enjoyable to use.

4. Does the solution offer relevant, actionable information anywhere, on any device?

Well-designed enterprise software delivers data to users in ways they can use it, wherever they are, whenever they need it, without delay or variation.

5. Does the software support business acquisition and growth?

Enterprise software should enable your business to move as they grow their businesses. It’s these moves that will define their future success.

Mobile device

6. Can mobile device functionality create added value?

Increasingly, the workplace is where we happen to be, which may not be within the “four walls” of the organization. This has certain implications for enterprise software.

7. Does the software provide flexible deployment options?

Your business deserves a choice on where to deploy. Asking this question will hold the software vendor accountable. You deserve to run your business, your way.

8. Does the software support business change and digital transformation?

Digital transformation is business transformation. Don’t let anyone else convince you it’s a dark art. Make sure the software vendor can show examples of what is being delivered today.

Enterprise Software Selection

9. Does the software enable digital acceleration?

When all critical aspects of your business operations are connected and integrated into enterprise software, educated guesses flip to certainties, accuracy goes up and time-hungry manual processes decrease.

10. Is the solution easy to configure or modify?

Remember low levels of customization allows much faster time-to-value. Check that configuration is part of the functionality, out of the box and easy to do, not part of an upgrade or requiring additional costs.

Over 10,000 customers around the world have chosen IFS as their business transformation partner because we’re different. Part of the reason our company is growing at three times the rate of our competitors is the way we do business. We don’t believe in software vendor lock-in and compliance audits, for example. We do, however, believe in choice.

We’re essentially making boring software exciting again and serving as a catalyst for change in the enterprise software industry. By designing and delivering solutions to manage business critical processes, our products solve business challenges for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, maintain critical assets and manage service-focused operations.

Discover how enterprise software can deliver more business value, faster.

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    Payvoice App

    Great article, always make sure the solution can grow with you. Because ERP sits at the center of your business, the system you select will likely be with you for many years. Your business is not going to stand still, and neither should your backend system. Any solution you choose should be adaptable and able to evolve with your company as it grows.


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