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This is the sixth in our series of conversations with members of the IFS partner community.

Partners come in many shapes and sizes. One of the latest, and largest, additions is Tieto. Even though there are many things that differ, I find it reassuring that all our partners have a dedicated industry focus and strive to bring value to our customers.

To learn how they can help existing and future IFS customers, I talked to Riikka Pyykkö, Partner Sales Manager at Tieto. Hopefully this is a good way for you to also get to understand their offering. Here are the highlights from that conversation:

How long have you been an IFS Partner?

Tieto has been a partner of IFS since 2018, first in the Baltics and then in Finland. Ours is a relatively new partnership, but one that has been growing from the outset.

Why did you decide to team up with IFS?

We identified the need for IFS Applications and FSM among our current- and potential customers. Tieto has in-depth experience when it comes to ERP consulting, as well as implementation and service of other kinds of business applications. It was natural for us to expand our offering by including IFS’s solutions. The partnership combines Tieto’s end-to-end service capabilities across diverse platforms with IFS’s agile solutions. Our goal is to enhance customers’ business capabilities and efficiencies and to ultimately increase the value they realize from their IFS investments.

Describe the ideal Tieto customer?

Together with IFS, we’ve agreed to focus primarily on customers in the manufacturing and construction industry. Usually, the business driver is that the customer’s ERP needs to be renewed. For EAM and field service, the driver is managing the assets efficiently and providing high-quality services to end customers.

In which countries do you operate?

Tieto’s core markets are Finland, Sweden and Norway. With Tieto planning to join forces with EVRY, a leading Nordic tech and consulting company, we will create a leading Nordic digital services company. We also drive joint sales together with IFS in the Baltics. All in all, Tieto operates in 20 countries, and we provide services to our customers in over 90 countries worldwide.

IFS Partner Tieto

What are Tieto’s strategic choices?

We aim to make customers more competitive with our services, as well as help them drive context-rich customer engagement and networked ways of working. Digital Experience is the main growth driver. Tieto is investing in digital capabilities and we intend to add 2 500–3 000 people during the strategy period 2019–2022.

What makes Tieto unique?

Tieto has solid experience in business processes and ERP and we feel we have developed an excellent understanding of the problems, challenges and opportunities that organizations face today in these areas. We have more than 3 000 digital experience consultants in the Nordics, and benefit from being able to tap into a lot of specialist expertise as we help organizations achieve better outcomes. We also provide our services in a cost-efficient way, combining onsite and offsite experts to ensure high-quality delivery.

To learn more about our partner landscape, please visit the IFS Partner Network.

If you have questions regarding our partners in the Nordics and Baltics, simply reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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