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Introducing Challenger Champion Charles Nshimiyimana of the Rwanda Energy Development Corporation Limited.

There are few organizations that are more crucial to society than energy utilities. Power generation, transmission, and distribution to the end-user are all activities that need to be carefully choreographed and monitored to ensure the lights stay on.


Speaking with Charles Nshimiyimana of the Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL), part of the Rwanda Energy Group (REG), I was reminded of enormous amount of work that goes into the services that many of us take for granted in our daily life.

Charles Nshimiyimana

 How would you describe your role?

As a member of the internal support team, I help colleagues across the entire group work more efficiently and effectively in IFS Applications. In practical terms, this means offering support and assistance in the company’s processes, from planning and budgeting, purchase requests, procurement processes and management of suppliers to shipping and warehousing, inter-company transfers, distribution such as material receiving, reservation, issuing, sales, stock levels, slow-moving items, scrapping of material, and much more.

Another important aspect is managing the company’s many projects. Since EDCL is a company based on projects, we must manage and track all expenses related to a given project including all purchases and inventory transactions as well as other expenses like expropriations, per diems, etc., on a project level.

If you could describe yourself in three words, which would they be and why?

I would say hardworking, honest, and flexible.

I chose these attributes since I understand how important work is to my overall happiness. I take my work very seriously and I am always looking to improve my skills and qualifications, so I can work to the highest possible standards.

I believe these characteristics also help me engage with my coworkers. If I can show other people how IFS Applications can make their daily work easier and more productive, the entire company stands to benefit.

How do you use IFS Applications to run your business?

IFS Applications is the central hub for registering and tracking all mission-critical activities, including supply chain management, project management, contract management, human resources, and staff payroll and financials.

The platform offers great support for purchasing materials and services, even calculating penalties for suppliers who don’t deliver on time. IFS is also used in the management of all warehouse transactions, including receiving, issuing, sales, stock levels, slow-moving items, and scrap material management.

IFS also offers the flexibility for the staff to self-service things like absence and leave management, travel requests, payroll information, employee performance and evaluations, and much more.

IFS Challenger Champion

To IFS, a challenger is someone who does things differently but who isn’t necessarily disruptive. What does being a challenger mean to you?

I fully agree with IFS’s definition of a challenger and would only add tenacity to the mix. I am convinced that never giving up is a trait that is absolutely necessary to achieve success—obstacles are meant to be overcome!

You’re a busy person. Why is it important for you to take time to tell your story? What do you hope others take away from it?

By using IFS Applications and getting coworkers to engage with the platform, my team and I have been able to have a material impact of the company’s performance. That is a message that is worth sharing!

Although I am a busy person, IFS Applications has made my job, and the jobs of my colleagues, much easier, which is also a great motivation for sharing my experiences. If my story can inspire someone else take control of their business, I’d be quite pleased.

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