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National Ice Cream Month just became the most celebrated unofficial food holiday to dot the IFS calendar. Arriving at the peak of summer, we celebrated one of the world’s greatest inventions—apart from IFS enterprise software of course. Several of our offices got involved by hosting ice cream events, ice cream trivia and even customer spotlights for employees to enjoy. Here’s a look at all the fun we’ve had during National Ice Cream Month!

Cool Customers

Where would we be without our customers who manufacture and service ice cream related equipment, products and toppings, and enable us to enjoy one of our favorite treats? This year we’ve used National Ice Cream Month as a way to highlight some of the companies such as Zero Zone, Doumak, Server Products and Source Refrigeration who make ice cream possible year-round—with a little help from IFS solutions.

Our employees appreciated taking time to learn more about them.

Ice Cream Trivia

Did you know Hawaiian Punch was originally created and marketed as a syrup intended as an ice cream topping? Or that chocolate ice cream was invented before vanilla ice cream? Everyone loves trivia—almost as much as they love ice cream—so we decided to combine these things together to come up with IFS Ice Cream Trivia. We put together trivia questions about our favorite treat and the IFS customers who make National Ice Cream Month possible, with great responses from the team.

We also asked employees to pick their favorite ice cream flavors. It was a close race, but in the end we saw a tie between mint chocolate chip and chocolate. Perhaps a taste test is needed to break the tie?

Ice Cream Social

One of the highlights of July has been watching our offices celebrate National Ice Cream Month the best way imaginable—by eating lots of ice cream! Our social committees did a fabulous job hosting events for employees to savor their favorite flavors. Some offices had ice cream socials while others had tasting events. Whether employees preferred cones or bowls, everyone got a chance to enjoy one of the sweeter things in life.

By celebrating a holiday like National Ice Cream Month, we found an opportunity to educate employees about some of our customers in fun and creative ways, while simultaneously driving engagement between departments and enriching our company culture. We hope to celebrate other occasions in the same way and look forward to July 2019.

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