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It’s been ten years since I left Mxi Technologies – a lot has changed since then. It’s good to be back as part of the IFS management team.

It’s an exciting time in the aviation world. In commercial aviation, the huge growth in passenger numbers is creating fresh opportunities for IFS, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. At the same time, technologies such as 3D printing, IoT and augmented and virtual reality are starting to become real rather than science fiction, bringing about profound changes in the delivery of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for both defense and commercial aviation.

New horizons

The speed of change is just one of the reasons I joined the team. IFS is a well-positioned leader in the global A&D software market, and its acquisition of Mxi Technologies offers a great opportunity to build on this. Combining the strengths of both companies will better serve and grow our position within a wider global aviation & defense market.

Since I joined, we’ve already announced one new customer in PSA Airlines which selected IFS Maintenix to manage its entire fleet of commercial aircraft. The PSA win is a perfect example of how IFS can help airlines stay compliant and profitable while nurturing growth in the highly-dynamic commercial aviation industry.

We’ve hit the ground running. In my short time here, I have already had the opportunity to meet key executives and decision-makers in core and emerging markets at recent events such as the big MRO Americas Conference that took place in Orlando. My travel calendar is already filling up as I plan to meet with other influencers both within IFS and the market at large.

A little bit about me

Before joining IFS, I was responsible for business development at the Aerospace Portfolio of Canada’s National Research Council which provides research and technology development services for clients in the aviation and aerospace industry. I worked with a team of around 350 technology specialists to help create the strategic and operations planning for the group and execute key marketing and business development activities, managing global client relationships and preparing tenders and contracts.

As I mentioned off the top, I also spent many years heading up the Marketing function at Mxi Technologies, joining the company when it was still in early start-up days. Helping it grow into a global brand was both challenging and rewarding, and it’s especially exciting to get back into the mix to help take this new unit to the next level.

Being involved in the aviation industry has meant travelling and working with teams all over the globe, from North America to China, and has given me the experience and know-how to help drive the success of the IFS Aviation & Defense business unit.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the great success IFS has had in A&D – and continuing the momentum we’ve already seen in my short time here.

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