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Janet Apollo

IFS Presales Manager (UK)

Was the first bunch of tips not enough for you? Here are more great tips!

More great tips for IFS Applications


  • In IFS Applications 9, highlight an item, hit Shift and use the arrow keys to move things around.
  • To move shortcuts around, you need to long click on a shortcut. Click and…wait…and then you can move it.
  • It’s easy to set up shortcuts by clicking the + icon next to the item you want to add.
  • You can pin the Navigator. Right- hand click on the navigator icon and you can get Shortcuts and Navigator together.
  • Down arrows mean pre-defined searches are available. A box with an arrow takes you straight to that item and a box with no arrow means there are options available to choose from.

Working with forms

  • If you right hand click the scroll bar of a form, it will intelligently move for you, from a page of options.
  • You can copy/paste any form in IFS. If you tick the box marked Own Process, each form can have different behaviors. And yes, you can add them as shortcuts.
  • Click on a column header to sort on it. Available in all table forms. An arrow indicated the column being sorted and the sequence.
  • (IFS Applications 9, update 1 ONLY)  On the right click menu, you have a Go To Column option. You can then search for the column you want, pick it and you jump there with the column highlighted.
  • IFS Applications 9 has added Kiosk Mode that removes all the application chrome and just presents you with the form information. Activate it using Shift – F11.

Form Templates

These are pre-defined field information structures. It allows faster and consistent data entry. You can start a form with the default template.

Form Drafts

You can save Forms as drafts if you haven’t got all the mandatory information. It becomes a task in the system when saved as a draft.

Information Cards

  • Summarized information in one place
  • One click to view
  • Setup in Solution Manager
  • User configurable
  • Any database details

Start Page

  • Start Pages were introduced in IFS Applications 8 – think of them as the poor man’s lobby
  • It’s a focused view, showing record counts
  • They still exist in IFS Applications 9 but you need the security opened to allow them
  • You can run multiple search types in there – still very useful.


(IFS Applications 9 only)

  • Pictures – size them to the right ratio for them to look good
  • There are both configuration mode (for all users) and personalization mode for the user.
  • You can personalize companywide dashboards
  • Don’t rush on rearranging – wait for the element to color and then drag it
  • Use keywords on elements for easier search
  • If a Lobby appears locked, check if the author protected it
  • You can create custom Lobby items

Print Dialog

(IFS Applications 9 only)

It’s smarter with more options, including an e-mail one.

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    Kiosk Mode

    This is a wonderful idea. I think kiosk mode is best ways to get customer feedback. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Really appreciate it.

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    Vishnu Gupta

    anybody please tell me is there any keyboard shortcuts for perform Next Level/Previous Level in IFS ‘Engineering Part Revision on line label

    • Vee Baker

      Vee Baker

      Thank you for posting in the IFS blog. Since you ask a functional question that might naturally lead to further questions, please can I ask that you contact IFS through your regular account management team. They will be able to direct your request accordingly.

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    Omolara Afolabi

    Please is it possible to re edit my entries that already save on ifs erp system

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    Snehal Harshe

    Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information !!!! It is so appreciated!! You have good humor in your blogs. So much helpful and easy to read!


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