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IFS was recently named as one of the 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2016 by The Silicon Review.

The Silicon Review recognized IFS’s strengths, such as its global presence, advanced technology, customer success and its many accolades. The recognition as a “company to watch” supports IFS’s continued commitment to customers and innovation in the enterprise software market. Many of these strengths are valued when companies are selecting a new enterprise software solution.

So how do you determine the right enterprise software for your organization? Outlined below are three tips to help you and your company hit the ground running as you begin the enterprise software selection process.


When beginning the enterprise software selection process, selecting the right vendor may seem like a complex task, but the right enterprise software can make complex tasks seem simple. As you begin looking at new enterprise software solutions, consider evaluating these areas:


When evaluating an enterprise software vendor, it is essential to consider the product offering and the technology backing the solution. A forward-thinking vendor will push boundaries and challenge the status quo to produce world-class software.

In order for technology to remain cutting edge, a vendor must invest in Research and Development. Vendors that pave the way today but don’t invest in the future will quickly find themselves behind the eight ball. Reviewing a vendor’s roadmap can shed light on the vendor’s plans and priorities for innovations such as: wearable technology, internet of things (IoT), voice recognition, 3D visualization, and more.

Accolades also serve as an excellent way to determine the appropriate enterprise software vendor for your company. Awards and testimonials from customers, analysts and the like provide essential insight into the solution’s benefits. The Silicon Review’s 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2016 is one of many impressive accolades IFS has recently received.

Questions to ask the vendor:

  • What does your solution roadmap look like?
  • Can you provide an explanation of your solution’s architecture?
  • What awards/recognition have you received in recent years?


It’s key for an enterprise software vendor to focus on industries and regions in which your company operates. Selecting a vendor with this knowledge increases the probability that the solution you are selecting can solve the specific challenges your business faces.

A vendor that strives to learn more about the industries it serves often engages directly with customers to ensure that their customers are effectively overcoming the specific industry challenges they face.

Choosing a solution that can serve a range of industries through core processes and industry expertise is crucial. You stand to benefit from a vendor who works with highly regarded industry thought leaders who keep current on top industry trends. A vendor’s industry excellence showcases the software’s ability to benefit your business.

Questions to ask the vendor:

  • What industries do you serve?
  • What customers do you serve in our industry?
  • Do you measure customer satisfaction? If so, what are your customer satisfaction ratings?

Enterprise Software3. GAUGE GLOBAL SCALE

Growth is a common business objective and it should be considered while selecting an enterprise software vendor. The right vendor will support your future growth plans and partner with you to achieve your objectives.

A vendor with functionality to work across different currencies, legislation and languages can provide the flexibility to support growth plans. A vendor with partners and System Integrator networks will mitigate concerns of implementing new sites. Partner and System Integrator networks increase global staffing, allowing for seamless implementations on a global level.

Questions to ask the vendor:

  • Does your solution support multiple languages and currencies?
  • Do you work with any system integrators and/or partners?
  • In what countries do you currently operate?


Recognition in leading technology, industry excellence and global scale is part of what makes IFS a “Best Company to Watch in 2016” and a vendor to consider when launching an enterprise software project.

For further insight, learn more about us and what makes IFS one of the 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2016.

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