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Having been in the field service software industry for several years now, it is my passion helping field service organizations achieve service excellence. In July, I had the pleasure of visiting Auto Windscreens, one of our field service management customer’s headquarters, to see that for myself.

Auto Windscreens is a leading automotive glass company based out of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in the United Kingdom. As one of the largest windscreen replacement organizations in the UK, Auto Windscreens works predominantly with insurers, brokers, and fleet management customers.

It was rewarding and inspiring to see Auto Windscreens in action, as they are definitely getting service right. From the posters on the wall, to the employees, to the service guidelines, to the smart, charismatic managing director, Chris Thornton, Auto Windscreens’ atmosphere embodies its core focus: the customer.

The company took home the Customer Care Award and the Service Supplier of the Year Award at the British Insurance Awards in 2014 and are leading the industry with their mobile initiatives as well. They have mobile technicians across the UK and twenty-four-hour customer service to help them accomplish their number one goal of always putting their customers first.

IFS’s Enterprise Service Management software helps Auto Windscreens achieve this goal.

They use IFS’s Field Service Management, Mobile Workforce Management and mobile app to effectively and efficiently take customer calls, optimally schedule their technicians, and enable their technicians to delight customers.

Since selecting the software in 2010, Auto Windscreens has seen dramatic improvements in their service lifecycle and operations, including:

  • Reduced time to invoice – taking minutes instead of days
  • Reliable field service software with 99 percent uptime
  • 75 percent reduction in calls to the Service Desk thanks to mobile access to the application
  • Easier access to business intelligence data
  • Faster, more accurate scheduling
  • Greater customer satisfaction

One of the things that the Auto Windscreen’s team has expressed is one of the most impressive aspects of IFS’s software – its configurability.

Unlike rigid, over-complicated applications that force an organization to modify its processes and procedures to fit its demand, IFS Enterprise Service Management gives Auto Windscreens control to modify the application, from changing layouts to driving system processes.

IFS Enterprise Service Management optimizes the customer experience from end-to-end for Auto Windscreens, from the initial contact with the customer support representative all the way through to the invoicing process, driving the core foundation of Auto Windscreen’s business, the satisfaction of the customer.

Watch Auto Windscreens use IFS Enterprise Service Management in action in the video testimonial, below, which gives you a glimpse of a “day in the life” understanding of how our software can help transform a business and help achieve fundamental business objectives.

The visuals of Auto Windscreens’ headquarters, like their impressive call center and professional technicians, will give you an understanding of why they are considered a leading UK auto glass repair organization and what a bright future they have ahead of them.

Additionally, if you would like more information about what our field service software has helped Auto Windscreens to achieve, download the accompanying case study to read about ROI, details on the implementation, and more.

IFS is proud to consider Auto Windscreens a partner in seeking to achieve service excellence and we look forward to continuing to help them grow and meet their business goals. They operate with the understanding that their customers deserve an optimal experience, and our software serves as a means to achieve this.

We delight in seeing this success replicated, knowing it is making our customers happy, and more importantly, our customers’ customers happy.

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