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Flexibility and agility go hand in hand with Dutch maritime specialist Royal IHC’s ambitious plans to roll out a single, global ERP backbone based on IFS Applications across its 37 operating units worldwide in just 2 ½ years.

In an IFS case study and video testimonial, Dave Vander Heyde, Chief Financial Officer at Royal IHC, explains how they’re doing it and how they benefit from IFS Applications, the maritime software solution of choice worldwide.

The story starts in 2013 when the first phase of the IFS Applications roll-out began to replace a large number of separate IT systems, part of Vander Heyde’s plan for a single ERP system called One IHC that embraces three elements:

  1. One set of master data
  2. One set of procedures
  3. One set of processes

Vander Heyde is quite clear on the foundation that the One IHC program will create for his company:

We will abolish seventeen separate ERP platforms, and replace them with one platform – IFS Applications. We found IFS to be the best fit with our organization.

Such an ambitious goal with such clear intent – to build an organization and structure that is fit for the 21st-century global business landscape – demonstrates Vander Heyde’s confidence in Royal IHC’s ability in being able to complete the roll-out by 2017.

It also demonstrates Royal IHC’s agility to rapidly execute on its plans to consolidate its global processes based on IFS Applications as its single ERP system worldwide – at the heart of One IHC – to support its key strategic goals of collaboration, globalization, and growth.

The end point is clear:

By consolidating its IT environment, Royal IHC will gain increased business agility, transparency and uniformity of information, which is a vital part of its national and international value chain. An important complementary element is IFS’s global presence and ability to support Royal IHC anywhere in the world, enabling them to work confidently with a single core ERP system.

See Dave Vander Heyde’s story; and download the text case study (PDF).

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