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We’re running a series of IFS webinars looking at how mobile solutions can help business transformation across a range of industries. In our next two 30-minute webinars I will be sharing the potential of mobility in the Manufacturing Industry and how it increases productivity.

And you are invited!

Mobile ERP solutions are critical to increasing employee productivity and reducing costs. I will share business opportunities in manufacturing and hMobile ERP is the future of ERPow it is possible to reach your business objectives faster with mobility. Other topics covered include how to stay competitive, mobilizing customer care and sales solutions (CRM), and improving data quality by real-time data registration.

Analysts estimate that 50% of business applications will be accessed via mobile devices over the next couple of years. Therefore, if you are using mobile devices now in your business or concerned with the security aspects of mobility, then this session will discuss the concerns as well as the benefits that mobility can give you.

If this webinar interests you, you can find more information and register here.

If you have any questions you want me to consider for the webinar, please post your questions below in the comments field.

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