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I know that inspiration comes and goes depending on work tasks, workload and mood. Today I will share a movie with you that I got from a dear colleague, Mohamed Ziyan, from IFS Colombo, Sri Lanka. For me, it provided good inspiration and some basic knowledge that is easy to digest on a Tuesday afternoon like today, and I found it a very good complement to all the books and articles I regularly consume about innovation management.

Have a look at the movie (only 4 minutes) and then ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. Does my company have space where ideas can mingle and swap?
  2. What makes me share my hunches with others’ hunches to get them to collide?

Some innovation may come through pure luck, but to be a successful company, you need to make sure your hunches are shared with your colleagues’ and customers’ hunches. For us, customers are extremely valuable in the creativity process—so valuable that we have created a separate website to share why and how we work close to customers. Check it out and be inspired by how the founders of IFS (some 30 years ago) put up a tent on the grounds of the customer’s power plant to be able to work double shifts. You can also read about our Agile Development Methodology and how we work with early adopters.

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