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In search of the forecasting holy grail
Forecasting Holy Grail

Accurate forecasts are the panacea for food manufacturers, Is artificial intelligence getting us close to a solution, are we near…

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Everyone wins in 2019 – being authentic, responsible and transparent will unlock new revenues for process manufacturers
Process Industry Predictions

Near Field Communication and e-Labels will drive a new revolution in product information. The war on plastics will escalate to…

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Food safety and risk – Changes in BRC 8 reinforce the possible

Do the changes in BRC 8 bring increased focus on traceability, risk management and cyber security? Traceability, recall and risk …

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E-labels and smart packaging to transform the process manufacturing industry in 2018
2018 process manufacturing trends

E-labeling, smart packaging and global partnerships offer new ways for companies to create more loyal customers and increase profitability. In…

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Feeding the ‘evening economy’
food and beverage supply chain

How the ‘evening economy’ is bringing about a significant change in the food and beverage supply chain and the products…

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