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Industry Tip: Integrated Construction Business Software is now a MUST HAVE
Industry Tip : Integrated Construction

The engineering, construction and infrastructure industry is facing huge disruptive changes. We are at an inflection point, and need wholesale…

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Industrial IoT trend advancing rapidly despite strong headwinds

Selecting and implementing any enterprise technology is not a rapid process. And the internet of things (IoT), as an enterprise…

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From Acetate to Artificial Intelligence

Predictions vary about when emergent technologies will become a reality. Can taking a look at the past provide insight into…

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Ray Wang: Go mobile or go extinct

We’re in a world of change, and you have a stark choice: be a disruptor or vein disrupted. Do you understand your company’s DNA enough to do that?

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Disruption and the Future of Software

Is software set to disappear? Will it become pervasive? Will business software become better than the consumer stuff? Industry experts discuss…

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